‘Mister Bourges’ 2011, Johan Bleyen (Lommel, BE), puts the icing on the cake by winning 1° National Bourges by the 12.608 yearlings!

Is Johan Bleyen the new ‘coming-man’ in the national ‘grand middle distance’? It appears so, as this colony was never out of the news in 2011… and last weekend he crowned his work with national victory from Bourges by the yearlings!

Johan Bleyen raced Bourges by the yearlings with an average speed of 1132,52 m/min (pigeon clocked at 16h56’41” from a distance of 505,878 Km), for Philippe Dobbelaere from Olsene (1129 m) and Albert Wils from Mol (1127 m).

The national victory by Johan Bleyen by the 12.608 yearlings from Bourges is anything but a ‘lucky shot’!  Because, what Johan, with his 36-head team of widow cocks, has already achieved in 201, forces many a sporting opponent to remove his hat! It is really a chain of triumphs… an unmitigated triumphal march from the beginning to the end! Up until just before Bourges the counter in 2011 already stood at 44 x 1st prizes (including doublings)! This Bourges adds at least aother 3… in other words the counter is gradually reaching 50! The following provincial and national exploits from 2011 already shine in his immense honours list :


1° + 2° National  Zone C  Bourges I  against 8.439 o.b. 1° National Zone C Bourges I against 6.043 yearlings 2° National  La Châtre 15.8870 o.b. 3° + 4° National Bourges 24.676 o.b. (with the 1st + 2nd nominated) 1° + 4° Prov Argenton 1.259 yearlings (with the same 2 yearlings which previously won 4th + 13th National Bourges!) 7° National La Châtre 21.180 yearlings etc…

And then now: 1° National Bourges II against  12.608 yearlings! 

We can then rightly give Johan Bleyen the title ‘Mister Bourges’… 3 x 1° Bourges  Zone C in 2011, and on top of this a 1° National Bourges II by the yearlings last weekend… no-one performed better this year! A chain of successes which since last year… then 24 x 1st prizes… was waiting to happen. This year there wasn’t just confirmation of all this beauty, but also a definite breakthrough towards ‘national top’!

The brand new Bourges winner by the yearlings is a dark chequered cock (with ring BE10-5103145), which was basketted as 3rd nominated, and which up until now has performed as follows: 

In 2010:
Chimay        841 p. 46
Chimay        987 p. 98
Chimay        639 p. 109
Chimay        709 p. 183
In 2011:
Nanteuil    1.162 p. 308
Orleans     2.079 p. 515
Pithiviers  1.220 p. 70
Pithiviers  1.099 p. 149
Bourges I   2.500 p. 131
  Zone C    6.043 p. 277
Bourges II  1.828 p. 1
  Nat      12.608 p. 1

The 16 yearlings basketted by Johan for this Bourges II performed as follows according to the first prognosis:

Bourges II Prov  1.828 yearlings: 1-14-84… (or already 3 per 10 in the prov prognosis).

Everything for the pigeons

By Johan Bleyen (45 y.)it’s all about the pigeons. He can spend most of his time with the pigeons, and that is a great advantage. It doesn’t matter how much it costs to house his colony… in 2007 he left for the total auction of Heremans-Ceusters whith a fat wallet and bought 12 pigeons. Johan also obtained reinforcements from Jos Haesendonckx from Grobbendonk, whose colony is based on the same Heremans-Ceusters pigeons. There were further pigeons from Vanmeerbergen-Van Reet from Mol, Dierickx-Vissers from Zele, Jan Diels from Vorselaar, from fellow club member and 1st Nat La Châtre-winner Johnny Janssens from Eksel, and fellow townsman Jef Hendrickx from Lommel. The pigeons from Jef (Jozef) Hendrikx were especially successful with the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons says Johan… Jef, who self once won 3rd national, possesses a stock of inbred pigeons which he built up with pigeons originating from strong racing fanciers out the area…  and they bring more power and stamina into my pigeons! The brand new national winner Bourges comes out such a crossing of Heremans-Ceusters x Jozef Hendrikx (see pedigree above)!

From this Johan formed 24 breeding couples, and every year 150 youngsters are ringed, and with a 36 head team of widow cocks which are raced in classic widowhood he started the 2011 sport season and later left for the classics of the grand middle distance! At the moment there are 22 left… the rest have already been selected out! Whichever pigeon doesn’t meet the requirements soon disappears from the racing team. Depending on the situation with the wings and the weather forecast, then Argenton within 2 weeks, will probably be the last race of the 2011 sport season!

Before the start of the sport season the racing pigeons are coupled around the middle of January and raise a nest. After this they go directly into widowhood, and so not re-coupled for the season… not even for a few days! Before leaving for a race the widowers are always allowed to see their hen for a few minutes!

The youngsters are darkened, but no lighting is used. The aim with the youngsters is to train them extremely well, with an eye to the following season… but the real performances are next expected until they are yearlings. In other words, the game with the youngsters is not an aim in itself!

Qua feed, Johan Bleyen is a supporter of the Matador-mixtures. At the beginning of the week it is the ‘start mixture’ to purify and detoxify the body, but Johan soon switches over to ‘Premium Sport’, as the name suggests, a racing mixture… whilst the last 2 to 3 meals is purely ‘Turbo Energy’! The medical picture is in the hands of Dr. Norbert Peeters, whose schedules are followed. By the homecoming it is ‘Recup Forte’ + glucose. The build up to the following race happens with ‘amino acids’ + brewer’s yeast, whilst vitamins are also given for 1 day, and fatty ‘oil’ is poured on the food.


Phenomenal honours list 2011

This is a brief outline of the method with which, and the manner in which Johan Bleyen has grown in 2011 to one of the trendsetters of our country in the national ‘grand middle distance’… with a 1° National Bourges II yearlings, 3 x 1° Nat Bourges Zone C, 2° Nat La Châtre o.b., 3° + 4° Nat Bourges I o.b., and 1° Provincial Argenton to his name! Enough to fill an entire pigeon career… Johan raced all this together in just 2 months! Almost unbelievable… but also an indicator of the high peak on which the Bleyen colony floated in 2011! If Johan can manage to continue this line into the future… than this definitely won’t have been our last visit to the Kopshoeven in Lommel! The national victory from Bourges yearlings was a more than deserved, in other words, a very ‘thick layer’ of icing on the cake, for which a big congratulations to Johan… and keep  up the good work! 

The performances of the Johan Bleyen colony in the ‘classics’ of the grand middle distance in 2011  


28/5 Bourges     204 o.b.: 1-2-4-13-43-59 (6/7)
       Prov    3.523 o.b.: 1-2-55-148 etc…
       Zone C  8.439 o.b.: 1-2-72…
       Nat    24.676 o.b.: 3-4-232-559…
The 1st + 2nd prizes are also the 1st + 2nd nominated!
     Bourges     207 yl.:  1-3-11-23-48-50 (6/8)
       Prov    2.512 yl.:  1-5-44-133…
       Zone C  6.049 yl.:  1-5…
       Nat    20.544 yl.:  4-13-282-903…
11/6 Chateauroux 110 o.b.: 4-28-36 (3/5)
       Prov    1.665 o.b.: 36…
     Chateauroux 160 yl.:  1-2-4-5-6-8-16-27-29-32-41 (11/15)
       Prov    2.253 yl.:  3-6-24-27-29-36-106…
18/6 La Châtre   119 o.b.: 2 (1)
       Prov    1.294 o.b.: 2 (1)
       Nat    15.780 o.b.: 2 (1)
     La Châtre   164 yl.:  3-11-12-29-30-33-38-39 (8/16)
       Prov    1.696 yl.:  5-72-73…
       Nat    21.180 yl.:  7-257-260-1063-1067-1170-1324-1403…

With at national level 10 prizes from the 16 nominated yearlings.

02/7 Argenton     60 o.b.: 1-10-11 (3/3)
       Prov      703 o.b.: 5… etc (3/3)
     Argenton    148 yl.:  1-3-6-7-15-17-18-33 (8/14)
       Prov    1.259 yl.:  1-4-23-34-74-85-92…
31/7 Bourges II
       Prov    1.828 yl.:  1-14-84…
       Nat    12.608 yl.:  1…

Between the Argenton of the 2nd of July and the Bourges of the 30th of July the Bourges team from Johan Bleyen raced the provincial Orleans race 

16/7 Orleans      55 yl.:  1-3-4-7-8-15  (6/16)

        Prov   2.079 yl.:  3-59-62… etc (prov prognosis per 10) 



good pigeon and loft

Mister Bourges, Beste Johan,

Van harte proficiat met het super seizoen en prachtige nationale overwinning uit Bourges!! Doe zo verder...


Claesen Jean & Zonen

Schitterende Prestatie!!!
Terecht de naam Mister Bourges...
Top melker..
Top hokken..
En vooral Top duiven ik zou zeggen Johan doe zo verder en er staat
jou nog veel mooie jaren te wachten...
Tis jou gegunt van harte proficiat...Adriaan

Inderdaad staat Lommel weer op de "duivenkaart" dankzij deze formidabele successen van mijn "buurman".
Het is een lange zoekweg geweest, maar nu lijkt het lek boven.....
Proficiat, Johan vanaf de Hollandse kant van de streep!!