Pigeon flies from Pretoria, South Africa to Casablanca, Morocco

Chris Swanepoel, a fancier from South Africa, was devastated when his favorite pigeon BB Cock '14 00573 got lost in July 2016. The pigeon meant a lot to him since the bird had won a race against 2,006 other birds just before it got lost. After a couple of months, Chris stopped waiting for the return of his beloved pigeon...

Up until the morning of 11/01/2018, when Chris received a phone call from a certain Mr Bledard L'Casawi. Mr Bledard informed Chris that his pigeon showed up in Casablanca, more than 11,400 km away from Pretoria. It is a true mystery how this super-pigeon has made it through the African deserts and other trials.

The lucky pigeon has been adopted by a fancier in Casablanca, where he can recover from his unique trip.