Ending auctions: Pieter Woord, Deschacht-Denduyver, Luc De Laere, Karlo Van Rompaey, February auction, Philippe Dobbelaere, Jelle Roziers & One Loft Race Special

Sunday the 23th of February these auctions will end: Pieter Woord (NL), Deschacht-Denduyver (BE), Luc De Laere (BE), Karlo Van Rompaey (BE), February auction, Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Jelle Roziers (BE) & One Loft Race Special.

Pieter Woord (NL)
Pigeons related to two international winners

Piet Woord and Louw Van Den Berg got a lot of attention in 2017 with their international victory from Perpignan with Leontine. And the same happened again in 2018, with Powerboy claiming an international victory of 11,739 pigeons from Pau! These were two brilliant achievements in some of the longest races on the international calendar. Still, this was only the tip of the iceberg for these highly successful fanciers. The two international winners were then put together for a highly unique pairing, and two of their youngsters will now be sold in a top class PIPA auction! They are also selling a sister and brother of Leontine, inbred youngsters of her dam and sister, and pigeons that come from these very bloodlines crossbred with the New Laureaat lines of Batenburg-VD Merwe & PEC.

Deschacht-Denduyver (BE)
Best racing birds

Deschacht-Denduyer are a golden couple, they have been working really well together. They live for their sport; these are heart and soul pigeon fanciers. Pigeon racing has always been first priority, and it shows in the results. They have been top contenders in every discipline for a number of years now. They are selling their best old racing birds on PIPA; one of Belgium's top breeds is now available for auction.

Luc De Laere (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeding & racing birds + 1 racing bird

Over the years, Luc De Laere has played a prominent role in numerous pigeon races across Belgium. The West-Flemish fancier is often the man to beat in his province, which explains his many victories and ace pigeon titles. As you know, the key component of the De Laere pigeon family is his old stock breeder Tieke and her wonderful descendants, alongside Justine Bliksem, arguably one of the best daughters ever of none other than Bliksem! Luc is selling youngsters of all of his best breeding and racing birds on PIPA.

Karlo Van Rompaey (BE)
Racing birds and youngsters of Hattrick

The palmares of Karlo Van Rompaey from St. Truiden is quite impressive indeed. He gained an excellent reputation across the globe thanks to Hattrick, winner of 3 x 1st National Bourges. This is an achievement that is hard to match. After a sensational old birds' auction on PIPA, Karlo made a fresh start working together with the PEC. And in 2019 he was able to add a provincial first prize from Gien and Aurillac to his palmares. The bloodlines of 1st Nat. Bourges 18,864 p. Prima Dora and 1st Nat. Bourges 14,449 p. Hattrick (fastest of 60,059 p.) have been crucially important for Karlo, and they have led to numerous references. His most recent reference was the fastest pigeon in the national race from Chateauroux of 32,675 pigeons for Wynand De Bruyn-Van Reet. The dam of this pigeon was obtained through PIPA, and bred from Hattrick (1st Nat. Bourges YLs 2015) x Prima Dora (1st Nat. Bourges olds 2015). We are selling a number of racing birds and youngsters of the renowned Hattrick (and some more racing birds).This will be a high quality auction indeed!

February auction
It happens occasionally that fanciers betray our confidence: they overplay their hand by purchasing pigeons they cannot actually afford. Pigeons that are not actually sold are offered for sale a second time in this non payers' auction. These are traditionally pigeons from a variety of origins, and mostly high value birds from invaluable bloodlines - as you've come to expect from PIPA.

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE)
Rocco Special

Jelle Roziers (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Over the years, we have seen a limited number of legendary pigeons that continue to speak to the imagination thanks to their massive influence on our sport, even years after their death. Top breeder Queen L of the Roziers family is such a pigeon. Her national victory in La Souterraine was quite an event but fanciers were even more impressed with the way she bred new generations of equally talented national and zonal champions. Jelle created an entire pigeon family around this top class hen, and he has been reaping the rewards season after season. We are selling a fantastic collection of pigeons from Jelle Roziers's best breeding and racing birds, many of which are related to this legendary Queen L.

One Loft Race Special
The world of One Loft Racing has grown substantially over the last decade. Every season, the most prestigious races attract numerous fanciers, who are eager to basket their very pigeons to try and win the race and the money prizes. A number of fanciers have repeatedly managed to excel in this competition, and many of them developed a dedicated breeding team centered around the best performing bloodlines in such iconic races as the Million Dollar Race, the Victoria Falls Classic, the Derby Arona, the Golden Algarve Classic, the Pattaya Int. OLR, etc. The best bloodlines of some of the great OLR specialists have been brought together in a fantastic PIPA auction.