Ending auctions: Jan Hooymans & Guy Van der Auwera

On Sunday 4 February two auctions will end: Jan Hooymans at 11am and Guy Van Der Auwera at 12am.

Guy Van der Auwera (BE)

Best breeding & racing birds + selection of young birds

The extensive team of racing birds of Guy Van der Auwera & son have been fighting for victory in shorter and longer middle distance races every single week. They have won an extensive number of first prizes, and 2017 was no different, with two provincial first prizes in two weeks' time.
These top results can be attributed to three bloodlines in particular: Gladiator (Geerinckx), Kaasboer (Govaerts) and Antonio (De Saer). PIPA is now selling all the best breeding and racing birds of this renowned pigeon breed!

Jan Hooymans (NL)

Birdy Special

Jan Hooymans is selling a unique collection of birds in this very special PIPA auction: a group of pigeons from his phenomenal Birdy, the best Million Dollar pigeon ever. The Birdy dynasty is one of the most famous bloodlines worldwide, and it was crossed with descendants of the equally famous Harry bloodline, and with the lines of OLR champions Zander (6th final SAMPDR), Rubellos (1st final SAMDPR) and Blue Safari (sire of 100,000 USD winner SAMDPR). This is an internationally renowned collection.