Got news?

Always wanted to become a journalist? Do you have an interesting story that you want to share with your fellow pigeon fanciers? Feel free to contact us at aepd.aeirbtpi@ ec.

What kind of news are we looking for?

  • Accurate and up to date news from the world of pigeon racing
  • Interregional, national or international news that applies to a majority of the fanciers from that particular region, country or countries
  • A few examples:
    • The foundation of a new one loft race, pigeon exhibitions, championships or any initiative that aims to promote our sport
    • Problems that occur during a liberation
    • Articles on pigeon racing related to a good cause, for instance a benefit for disabled people 
    • Tips about (less well known) fanciers that have been doing very well or that have had some great results (which can also be sent in for our Top Performances column)
    • An in memoriam
    • An outbreak of paramyxo or any other disease in your region
    • The report of an important meeting
    • Pigeon theft or harassment

How about club-related news?

If you have anything to report about your club you can create your club here and you can publish news and results from your club on your own club page. For more information please consult the manuals and frequently asked questions about Clubs.

If there is news from your club you think concerns many fanciers you can always contact us on aepd.aeirbtpi@ ec.

What about suggestions for loft reports?

It is nearly impossible for our editorial team to trace every fancier who has achieved excellent results over the weekend. We therefore count on our visitors to assist us and to come up with names. The only requirement is that the fancier suggested is performing very well (suggested names during the season), has performed very well (suggestions after the racing season) or has a pigeon which has won several top prizes.

When accepting or turning down a suggestion we take into account every single result of the fancier during the entire season. The criteria which we use for our Top Performances column, which can be found here, are then applied to these results. This allows us to objectively consider every suggestion. If a fancier meets most of our criteria, a loft report will be published as soon as one of our writers is available.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a loft report, please send in the (complete!) details below so that we can apply our criteria to the results:

  • Date of the race
  • Name of the race
  • Distance to the fancier’s loft
  • Number of pigeons in the race
  • Number of pigeons basketed by the fancier
  • Number of prizes won by the fancier
  • All prizes won (for example 1-2-4-6-9)

For example:

06/07/13 Angerville 164 YBs 1-2-3-4-5-6-10-12-13-20-29-31-40-50 (14/23)                
20/07/13 Angerville 194 YBs 2-4-5-6-7-8-17-34-35-45-50-51-… (15/22)

What kind of information do we need for news articles?

  • Try to make sure that your report gives answers to questions like who, what, where, why, when and what with?
  • Send in at least one quality picture to go with the article

How do we wish to have the information delivered?

  • Send us the text in Word, not in PDF or pasted in an e-mail
  • Do not write the article in capital letters
  • Do not add pictures in the Word document but send them separately attached to an e-mail
  • At least one picture should be in landscape format in this (minimum) proportion: 450 px wide - 315 px high (max. 350 px high if your picture is 450 px wide)

What happens with the news article or news tip after you have contacted us?

After you have sent in your article or tip our editorial team will read it through and will let you know whether or not your article or tip will be published. If not, we will let you know why.

What else are we interested in?

  • Ideas to make the PIPA website more user friendly
  • Ideas to make our news coverage more interesting
  • Ideas to increase the number of visitors to the PIPA website
  • Notofication that there is a problem with the PIPA website during the weekend, for instance: our website is offline or you cannot publish anything on your club page
  • We have entered the wrong time of arrival, we have entered the wrong data for the top performances pages or some other information on our website needs an update
  • ...

If you want to contribute to our news service and publish your own article on pigeon racing on the PIPA website you can contact always us via aepd.aeirbtpi@ ec!