Informacja o hodowcy Verschueren Axel & Mario


(03/04/2018) Auction weekend ends with 290,000 EURO – Bender 36,500 EURO, Poulidor 20,000 EURO, Daughter Yelena 12,000 EURO

Today, the 1st of April, was the closing day of 8 different auctions. It was a very successful auction weekend, with an average sale price of just over 2,960 EURO/pigeon. We briefly take you through each of the auctions.


(27/03/2018) Mario and Axel Verschueren (Zoersel, BE) breed world class birds with their exclusive Heremans bloodlines

What do Dutch 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Super Mario of André Smets and five-time first prize winner Miss Goldmine of Embregts-Theunis have in common? Well, they both originate from the Belgian town of Zoersel, and they both developed into iconic national champions. Their parents are Kleine Leo x Zus Janie of Mario and Axel Verschueren, who run a highly exclusive family of direct Heremans breeders!