Informacja o hodowcy Verbruggen Gommaire


(17/10/2013) Gommaire Verbruggen (Scherpenheuvel, BE) wciąż jednym z najlepszych hodowców na średnim długim dystansie.

Gommaire Verbruggen dodaje kolejny wybitny sezon do swojej już spektakularnej kariery. 2013 był kolejnym świetnym rokiem dla mistrza z Kaggevinne. Postanowiliśmy dowiedzieć się więcej o jego najlepszych gołębiach: Annie, Kim, Mannequin i Ramses, z których każdy miał znaczący udział w ostatnich sukcesach swego hodowcy.


(30/06/2012) Gommaire Verbruggen (Kaggevinne, BE) impresses with 1-5-7-9° prizes Interprovincial Montluçon old birds on 23 June

The master has done it again, with an impressive feat this weekend, a result to remember, it was a classic win, which reminds us of the old triumphs of Kletskop, Teen, 020, Massis and Kadet!


(16/08/2011) The ‘maestro’ strikes again… Gommaire Verbruggen (Kaggevinne, BE) wins 1st National Argenton 20.383 youngsters, and has the fastest pigeon of the entire convoy!

Just over 2 years ago Gommaire resolutely returned to his old love… the provincial, semi-national and in particular national ‘grand middle distance’, and this with a new approach! It paid off… as Gommaire has now had his second national victory in his richly filled career, this time from Argenton!


(08/03/2011) Gommaire Verbruggen, Kaggevinne (BE) building on a ‘new team’, with the still excellent old strain as basis!

Gommaire Verbruggen is a man of many wars who has been active at the top of our national pigeon sport for many years in the middle distance to ‘extreme long distance’… someone with a treasure of ‘experience’ in our sport… a real ‘winner’!


(13/08/2009) Gommaire Verbruggen - Kagevenne (BE) books 36th Prov. victory of his career - Blois 11/7/2009 - 1840 Yls

Next year is exactly 40 years since Gommaire Verbruggen (Kagevinne-Scherpenheuvel) took his first steps into the pigeon sport. His mentors, father Verbruggen and Uncle Lous (Van Diest) couldn’t have then in their wildest dreams imagined the heights that their pupil would achieve in his pigeon career.