Informacja o hodowcy Van Eycken Robert


(12/02/2012) Today final auction day for C&G Koopman & Robert Van Eycken

This weekend 4 auctions are ending: the total auction of Robert Van Eycken, 42 young birds of the best breeders of C&G Koopman, 15 youngsters offered by John Hanson and the February Auction where several topfanciers offer something special! Below a short introduction on every auction.


(02/02/2012) Robert Van Eycken: Total auction – English catalogue online

On Wednesday the auction will begin on PIPA of Robert Van Eycken, one of the best long distance fanciers of Belgium over the last decade. Sickness has forced Robert to sell his life's work. Here below you can find a castalogue with the presentation of the most predominant pigeons in this auction.


(14/09/2009) Robert Van Eycken (BE) Candidate 2° Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2009. Winner 1° Ace pigeon Belgian Verstandhouding !

The area around Erps-Kwerps, commonly known as the ‘chicory region’, is described in the history books as an administrative and economical centre on the ‘axis’ Keulen-Brugge-London. Today there are still 2 castles from that time.