Informacja o hodowcy Van der Zijde Rens


(25/04/2019) Top performances The Netherlands 20/04/2019 - 21/04/2019

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 20/04/2019 and 21/04/2019.


(13/10/2014) Rens van der Zijde (Anna Paulowna, NL) owns an impressive pigeon collection based on Late Lange Vos and his Super Pair

Rens van der Zijde purchased this Late Lange Vos at the Ludo Claessens pigeon auction (Putte, NL) and it quickly developed into an invaluable breeding cock. He continues to influence the remarkable Van der Zijde pigeon family from the town of Anna Paulowna.


(14/12/2013) Rens van der Zijde (Anna Paulowna, NL) uses his expertise in the one day long distance

Rens van der Zijde has basketed his pigeons for only six races and yet he was capable of finishing in the top three in the one day long distance, among the greatest champions in this discipline. He really knows how to motivate his pigeons at the right moment.


(04/03/2013) Rens van der Zijde (Anna Paulowna, NL): first prizes in races from 100 to 700 km

Top results and first prizes; that is what it is all about for Rens van der Zijde.


(03/07/2011) Rens vd Zijde (Anna Paulowna, NL) wins 1st NPO Chateauroux province 6 North

Nothing is impossible … if you have exceptional pigeons! Rens vd Zijde proved this in the National Chateauroux, where he raced in the top 10 National sector II and won the 1st NPO North in province 6 against 2.500 pigeons, after having to race an extra 100 km! Considered not possible –yet carried out by the chastened fox.


(08/01/2010) Rens van der Zijde, Lex Udo, Steef Duijn - (NL)

Three pigeon friends race the stars of the heaven in North Holland with mostly the same sort of pigeons. I had arranged to spend a day with these three toppers at the family home of Udo in Heiloo, to talk about our joint hobby.