Informacja o hodowcy Van der Auwera Guy & Zonen


(01/02/2018) Discover the two invaluable stock bloodlines of Guy Van Der Auwera

Guy Van Der Auwera has been one of the best performing pigeon fanciers of 2017, having added three (inter)provincial first prizes to his palmares. These top results, and the achievements of the entire racing team, can be mainly attributed to two top class bloodlines in Wuustwezel in particular: the legacy of top breeder Kaasboer, and the bloodline of Charlie's Angels.


(28/01/2018) Guy Van der Auwera & Son (Wuustwezel, BE) show that they have some of the best bloodlines in their collection

"Finding the best quality bloodlines is key", says Guy Van der Auwera. It took him a few years to get there, but with thee provincial first prizes to his name in 2017, he has clearly found what he was looking for.


(15/01/2018) Guy Van Der Auwera auction catalogue now online

From 22nd of January Guy Van Der Auwera will be selling his pigeons born in 2016 and earlier, as well as group of unflown youngsters of 2017 on PIPA. This is a high quality collection of pigeons, as you can tell from Guy's achievements in 2017 (3 x 1st (inter)provincial). He has an excellent family of pigeons, based around the bloodlines of Geerinckx and Desaer, as well as the lines of the ...


(24/12/2017) Guy Van der Auwera (BE): best breeding & racing birds + selection of youngsters

The top class racing team of Guy Van der Auwera and his son are among the main favourites in races ranging from the shorter to the longer middle distance almost every single week. This team has won an impressive number of first prizes again in 2017, this time including two provincial victories in two weeks' time. These outstanding results can be attributed to three main bloodlines: Gladiator ...


(31/05/2017) Guy Van der Auwera & Sons (Wuustwezel, BE) now win 1st Provincial Bourges after having won 1st and 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon

Guy Van der Auwera & Sons pretty much dominated last weekend's interprovincial race from Vierzon, winning a 1st, 2nd and 7th Interprovincial old birds. And he added a 1st Provincial from Bourges to his palmares last weekend. These excellent results are thanks to three super class pigeons: Gladiator (Geerinckx), de Kaasboer (Goovaerts) and Antonio (De Saer).