Informacja o hodowcy Van der Auwera Guy & Zn


(16/01/2019) Ending auctions: van der Auwera (BE), Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Saudoyez (BE), Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), van Toor (NL), van de Velde (NL), DVV-Pigeons (BE), Florea (RO), Goeteyn (BE) & Palm (BE)

On Sunday the 20th of January, these auctions will end: Guy van der Auwera (BE), Wojciech Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Kevin Saudoyez (BE), Marcel Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), Dennis van Toor (NL), Sjaak van de Velde (NL), De Vroe- Vandeputte (BE), Sorin Florea (RO), Annick Goeteyn (BE) & Jean-Pierre Palm (BE).


(15/01/2019) Guy Van der Auwera & zoon (Wuustwezel, BE) discovers a new star from the Super 481 bloodline with Breavehart Junior

Six races, that was all the fantastic Breavehart Jr needed to convince Guy Van der Auwera of his great talents. This bird claimed several top results, including a semi-provincial victory from Ecouen, before being promptly transferred to the breeding loft.