Informacja o hodowcy Sky Chen


(11/03/2016) Sky Chen buys Davy Tournelle's crown jewel Mila

The 2015 Belgian national race Châteauroux III was a disaster. Because of the drizzle at the liberation site, the race had a very rough start, as a result of which only twenty per cent of over 27,000 birds returned home the same day. The old bird race was eventually won by Davy Tournelle's Mila, just bought by Chinese fancier Sky Chen.


(02/12/2015) Sky Chen (China) owns one of the most exclusive gene pools of racing pigeons in the world

There is a bright star rising in the East and his name is Sky Chen! With his acquisitions of pigeons of the calibre of Magic 092 of Erik Limbourg and Chanel No. 5 and Rolex from Pieter Veenstra, fanciers from across the globe have stood up and taken notice of this unassuming young fancier from China.


(12/05/2015) The dream of Mr. Sky Chen (CN) takes off with Magic 092

Sky Chen bought Magic 092, the most expensive pigeon in the Erik Limbourg auction. A new top transfer to his world-class breeding loft. A big dream has taken off.


(23/12/2014) Eijerkamp & Sky Chen have created the truly exceptional breeding pair ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ x ‘Chanel No. 5’

Two of our sport’s most iconic pigeon fanciers joined forces in 2014 to form quite an exceptional team. Sky Chen (the owner of ‘Chanel No. 5’) and Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (the owner of ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’) got in touch as they were both looking for the perfect partner for their respective breeders, and the result is a group of 7 youngsters of exceptional value.


(13/02/2013) Sky Chen feat. Jan Hooymans: a unique combination of top quality

The two fanciers are well known and well respected in the world of pigeon fancying. They both have a top class collection. The two most important birds of the two fanciers are Chanel No5 and Harry. This is a unique pair that was bred in line, for instance to Kleine Dirk.