Informacja o hodowcy Rubbens Patrick


(02/07/2009) Patrick Rubbens - Tielt-Winge (BE) - 1° National Argenton 9.912 Old birds

The first edition of the ‘new’ national Argenton for old birds and yearlings, set up by the FVOV, was a hit at all levels. With nearly 31.000 participating pigeons, and beautiful summer weather, this race couldn’t have wished for a better ‘overture’.


(30/08/2008) Rubbens Patrick Tielt-Winge

Mooie prestaties van de jaarling "2123313/2007" bij Rubbens Patrick. Zijn uitslagen 2008 13/04 Momignies 4° van 112 20/04 Soissons 13° van 51