Informacja o hodowcy Rittersma R. J.


(05/07/2013) Rutger Rittersma (Groningen, NL) makes dream start with a first and third international Agen old birds against 23,539 pigeons

It was only his first international competition and he already took a first and third prize in the old birds’ category against 23,539 opponents. Rutger has fulfilled a childhood dream this weekend.

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(01/07/2013) Agen (int.) 2013 | International winner Old birds: Rittersma R. J. (Groningen, The Netherlands)

The international winner from Agen in the category "old birds" is Rittersma R. J. (Groningen, The Netherlands).The pigeon was clocked on Monday at 03:51:30 CEST after a race of 1099.47 km, achieving an average velocity of 1279.94 m/min.