Informacja o hodowcy Obaed Ali Adel


(30/06/2015) Dream Team of Ali Obaed makes international breakthrough

The superstars Fyther, Gloria and Black Magic, 1. prize breeding children of Blauwe Prins and Lucky 848, maybe the best breeding son ever of Eagle Eye. Together with the absolute best of Gaby Vandenabeele, Jos Thoné, Gerard Koopman, Erik Limbourg, Hugo Batenburg, Geerinckx, Verkerk and De Saer - to name just a few - they form one of the strongest collections of breeders in the world. A dream ...


(15/09/2014) Mr. Ali Adel Obaed (IQ) is building up an elite breeding stock with Fyther and Gloria as cornerstones

After purchasing both Fyther and Gloria, the two aces and eye-catchers in the Bert Vandenberghe sale, all eyes were turned to the buyer and new owner Mr Ali Adel Obaed. That can count as a quality boost!


(08/12/2012) PIPA appoints agent for Iraq: Ali Adel Obaed

PIPA has recently appointed Ali Adel Obaed as its agent for Iraq. We would like to introduce him to you.