Informacja o hodowcy Nihoul Roland & Guy


(07/11/2018) Auction weekend closes at 540,000 euro – Two youngsters of New Laureaat X Kleine Jade sold for 70,000 euro – Van den Brande Brothers 2,600 euro/pigeon

Six different auctions closed on PIPA last Sunday, 4th of November. We briefly discuss each auction below.


(28/10/2018) Death of Mr Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE)

We've just received the information that Mr Guy Nihoul has passed away.


(28/11/2016) Uninterrupted succes in 2016 for Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE)

Much has been already written about this fantastic racing loft specialized in the long distance competition and cultivated with craftmanship since many decades. But today, we will focus on the figures.


(03/08/2016) Best Pigeon of the Rhône Valley for Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE)

With this honorific title, the father & son Nihoul proved once again that they are managing one of the strongest long distance lofts in Belgium.


(23/07/2016) PIPA-Ranking: Beste Rhône-valley bird

Final result in the PIPA-ranking of best Rhône-valley bird. This ranking includes the races from Valence, Montélimar, Marseille taking into account the national results available.


(18/02/2016) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) again at the top of their game in 2015!

'Once again' would we be tempted to write: Roland & Guy Nihoul honoured their reputation as long distance specialists. Properly installed into the Belgian Big 5 since their their three national titles won in this discipline, the Nihoul loft continued to be under the spotlight thanks to a line of pigeons bred with a lot of skill over several decades.


(22/09/2015) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) stronger than ever in the long distance races!

The Nihoul loft, triple long distance national champions of Belgium, again proved they were incredibly proficient at the highest level of the national long distance races.


(24/02/2015) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) can be proud of their pigeon stock!

Everybody knows the Nihoul loft because of their incredible results in the national & international long distance races. But what people don't often know is that their pigeons are also able to shine at national level in other lofts!


(03/08/2014) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) win the 1st national Narbonne against 2.844 yearlings!

Four top 3 won in the national championships of the KBDB in six seasons, six consecutives titles of provincial long distance champion KBDB, three zone victories won over the last two seasons, hundreds of national top 100 positions won in ten years of time... and now a national victory as cherry on the cake! This weekend, Roland & Guy Nihoul prooved the world they were a part of the best from ...

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(27/07/2014) Narbonne (int.) 2014 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Nihoul Roland & Guy (Senzeilles)

The national winner Belgium from Narbonne in the category "yearlings" is Nihoul Roland & Guy (Senzeilles).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 20:19:00 CEST after a race of 709.01 km, achieving an average velocity of 1000.14 m/min.


(26/06/2014) The combination Nihoul father & son (Senzeilles, BE) wins the 1st national zone Limoges against 5.228 pigeons

Considered as a national top level loft, the combination Nihoul directly showed their strength on the first national long distance race of the season. It's the second year in a row that they book a zonal victory after the victory won on La Souterraine last year!


(21/01/2014) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) were crowned as 3rd National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2013

Who, in Belgium, has been more regular than the Nihoul father and son partnership? Nobody. In 2013, they have just won their fourth national in just 6 years. A unique performance which makes them one of the most titled lofts of the Belgian pigeon sport.


(28/08/2013) Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) brilliant in 2013 with no less than 40 times into the top 100 national & zonal!

They are coming back! After a not so good season last year, the triple national long distance champions of Belgium made a successful coming back with several early prizes at national level at all distances!


(22/11/2012) Nihoul Roland & Guy (Senzeilles, BE): A half century of great success!

When you win three national titles in a row in only 4 years in front of the big Flemish lofts, then it is clear that you are feared and respected. The Nihoul father & son partnership just experienced it brilliantly.


(22/01/2012) Nihoul & Son (Senzeilles, BE) - 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2011 for the third time in 4 years !

When talking about the continuity the least we can say is that Roland & Guy are the masters in the field! After two successive national titles in 2008 & 2009, they are again on the highest rung of the national podium in Ostend for the third time in just 4 years !!! An astonishing performance that nobody has previously achieved...


(24/05/2009) Combination Nihoul Father & Son - Senzeilles (B) National Champion Long Distance - KBDB 2008

It is not the first time for this father-son combination. Before they were 1st national Champion Long Distance-K.B.D.B. , 1st provincial Champion Long Distance and 1st-4th and 5th Ace pigeon provincial Long Distance in 2008, they also had a top year in 2007 with several provincial and national toppers.