Informacja o hodowcy Motton Frederik


(05/09/2012) Top performances Belgium 01/09/2012 - 04/09/2012

With September here many of us have now started counting down towards the end of the racing season. We’ve still to see the ending result, but a thorough selection has been done. We were treated to some really nice flying weather this first weekend of September, with a lot of sun and hardly any wind. Ideal conditions to hit the gas pedal once more, which resulted in the following outstanding ...


(24/01/2011) Frederik Motton - Tienen (BE) National youth champion KBDB 2010

Frederik Motton lives in Tienen and is 21 years young. He is studying “law” in Brussels and has raced with the pigeons for 5 years. Frederik races on his own, but it would be impossible without the help of his father.