Informacja o hodowcy Kitchenbrand's Loft


(04/02/2017) Birdy, ace racer and world-class breeder (part 1)

In this two-part series it will be revealed for the first time since South African businessman Mark Kitchenbrand’s R800, 000-00 acquisition of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race ace pigeon Birdy that she is not only a world-class racer but also a world-class breeder!


(03/02/2017) Birdy, ace racer and world-class breeder (part 2)

From the months of November to February each year, the eyes of pigeon fanciers from across the globe focus on South Africa for the Million Dollar Pigeon Race. The race is known as the ultimate selection process where only the fastest and most intelligent racing pigeons survive. There have been many great champions but one reigns over them all: Birdy.


(18/11/2015) Check out the Mark Kitchenbrand catalogue!

One of this auction season's highlights is the sale of South African fancier Mark Kitchenbrand. He is known for his world-class one loft race stars Birdy and Victor. Both have won the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race and are now up for auction.


(21/08/2014) Kitchenbrand-Van Beers (GE) puts impeccable Birdy bloodline on the international map

The successful South African fancier Mark Kitchenbrand and the German super champion Willy Van Beers share a burning ambition to achieve great results with the help of their top quality breeding pigeons. The two partners have managed to fine tune the renowned Birdy bloodline. This bloodline, based on the most successful pigeon in the Million Dollar Race, has made it to the very top in every ...