Informacja o hodowcy Fruitier Gérard & Catherine


(17/12/2013) Gérard Fruitier (Berck-sur-Mer, FR), 1932-2013, the end of a wonderful story

While Europe was being destroyed during world war II, a young guy was dreaming about pigeons in a small village in the north of France, only a few kilometers from the Belgian border. Even in the most uncomfortable place, he is still keeping his small pigeon baskets close to him.


(04/08/2011) Fruitier Gerard & Catherine (Berck sur Mer, FR) win 1.National Narbonne old birds

After having a good season start with the 4th and the 6th National from PAU, followed by the 8th National from BARCELONE, the FRUITIER team wins NARBONNE against 2064 old birds.