Informacja o hodowcy Evans Neville & Angie


(05/02/2012) Then and now for Burntoft lofts not standing still

About this time last year, 2011, I finally got across to see a partnership that had a fantastic year, not only at club and federation level, but on the international stage they also to, where making a name for themselves. That partnership was the one under the Angie & Neville Evans and son banner.


(14/12/2011) ‘Brits Bring Home The Bacon’ And A Car In the Sun City Million Dollar Hot Spot 1 Race

Yes it’s great news as once again the Union Jack was flying high and proud after the South African ‘Million Dollar One Loft race’ from Hot Spot 1 race on the 26th November. The race was flown from a distance of nearly 122 Miles released in no wind weather conditions. The fairest of pigeon race winds.