Informacja o hodowcy Dumonceau-Pavoncelli


(26/06/2013) The partnership Dumonceau-Pavoncelli (St.-Vaast, BE) win the 1st national Montauban against 6771 pigeons

Fourth long distance national race of the 2013 calendar, Montauban is a true classic for the Belgian pigeon sport. This year, 6.771 pigeons were basketted for this race, so only 49 less than the previous year.

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(22/06/2013) Montauban 2013 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Dumonceau-Pavoncelli (Saint-Vaast)

The national winner Belgium from Montauban in the category "old birds" is Dumonceau-Pavoncelli (Saint-Vaast).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 15:08:09 CEST after a race of 744.721 km, achieving an average velocity of 1573.96 m/min.


(09/06/2009) Dumonceau-Pavoncelli, Saint-Vaast Shine once again from ‘their’ Montélimar

The duo Dumonceau-Pavoncelli once again had a marvellous series with arrivals on the Montélimar race. They are once again ‘with verve’ the strongest performing colony at national level with no less than 7 pigeons by the 325° prize national. Once again a strong example of ‘long distance class'.