Informacja o hodowcy Dermience Philippe


(30/01/2017) Philippe Dermience (Jemelle, BE) climbs on the national podium thanks to the descendants of 'L'Eclair'!

When you live in a real pigeon desert and you must take the road for a dozens of kilometres just to get to the club and basket your pigeons, you have to have a lot of determination to be a pigeon fancier. But when you regularly rank on the national podium with all these circumstances, you simply deserve a medal.


(05/07/2012) Claude & Philippe Dermience (Rochefort, BE) win the 1st provincial (Namur) Montélimar 696 p., with the 12th national!

It has been less than one year since we visited these fanciers. Now, they are back again with a wonderful provincial victory from Montélimar.