Informacja o hodowcy Delhove Alain & Sigrid


(10/08/2017) Wonderful racing season for Alain Delhove (Villers-la-Ville, BE)!

Clocking early birds in almost every important long & extreme long distance race of the season: Alain Delhove couldn't have dreamt of a better racing campaign for the last season of his career. The Delhove pigeon family has been showing the world its exceptional potential in the busiest two months of the season: June & July.


(06/06/2017) Alain Delhove (Villers-la-Ville, BE), a passion for the extreme long distance races!

Since falling in love with our fantastic hobby (he started in his very early childhood), Alain Delhove has always been fascinated with the marathon races. For him, there is nothing more beautiful than trying to get a pigeon that flew several hundreds of kilometres to arrive home on the same day.