Informacja o hodowcy Cools Jos


(17/12/2018) Fantastic auction weekend: + 416,000 euro. G & S Verkerk 5,000 euro/bird, Cor de Heijde 3,500 euro/bird, Theo Yskout 3,350 euro/bird, Pigeons for Life 3,200 euro

It has been a fantastic auction weekend. The 138 birds that were put up for auction were sold for more than 3,300 euro/bird on average!


(13/12/2018) Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) shifts into a higher gear in 2018, despite aftermath of pigeon theft

The Jos Cools pigeon breed stands for pure speed. These pigeons can really blow the field apart in shorter distance races. Despite a pigeon theft in January 2017, Jos has regained his place in the demanding Tienverbond competition and in the national ace pigeon championships!


(27/10/2017) Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) gets spectacular results with a very small team

The season did not begin well for Jos Cools, who fell victim to theft over the New Year period. His best breeders were stolen from him, leaving Jos with no other option but to transfer a selection of his racing team to the breeding loft. But it turns out that a top quality breed will never fail to deliver, no matter what.


(06/10/2016) Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) is a sprint champion with a small team

Jos Cools has won quite a number of national championship titles KBDB in the sprint competition in recent years. In 2015 he became National Champion sprint young birds KBDB while also winning the title of 4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint young birds KBDB with racing bird Speedy. And 2016 was another memorable season for Jos.