Informacja o hodowcy Casaert Maurice & Grégory


(17/08/2012) Maurice & Grégory Casaert (Néchin, BE) win the 1st national Argenton against 26,133 youngsters !

Feared like the plague and the cholera, when the east wind is blowing, the Casaert did not have to pray to win their second national victory of the season this weekend, barely 11 weeks after the national triumph of Olympic Fifteen from Bourges I!

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(11/08/2012) Argenton 2012 | National winner Belgium Youngsters: Casaert Maurice & Grégory (Néchin)

Maurice & Gregory Casaert from Néchin are the winners of the national race from Argenton II youngsters. They clocked their pigeon at 13:21:54 CEST after a race of 471,028 km. Average velocity of the pigeon: 1233,38 mpm, the fastest bird from 37.948 pigeons. It's their 2nd national victory from 2012, after they won Bourges I Old birds earlier this racing season!


(02/06/2012) Maurice & Grégory Casaert (Néchin, BE) - 1st national Bourges 20,577 old birds and highest speed of 37,444 pigeons!

With this victory from Bourges I in 2012, it is the fifth national victory for the Casaert family since 1994! Enough to ensure the further dominance of their loft at national level!

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(26/05/2012) Bourges I 2012 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Casaert Maurice & Grégory (Néchin)

The national winner Belgium from Bourges I in the category "old birds" is Casaert Maurice & Grégory (Néchin).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 13:07:21 CEST after a race of 401.96 km, achieving an average velocity of 1227.92 m/min.


(26/05/2009) The Casaert family shined again from Bourges

The national race calendar 2009 was opened with Bourges. In the Henegouwse Néchin, they will certainly have thought about the previous year, when Maurice & Gregory Casaert won the 1° National Bourges 13.472 Yearlings with their ‘Footsie’.