Informacja o hodowcy Bleyen Johan


(28/01/2015) Introduction of Heremans-Ceusters pigeons brings loft of Johan Bleyen (Lommel, BE) to the highest level

Johan was already competing with the country’s strongest lofts. However, it was the purchase of 12 proven pigeons at the total auction of Heremans-Ceusters that enabled Johan to really bring his loft to a higher level.


(03/08/2011) ‘Mister Bourges’ 2011, Johan Bleyen (Lommel, BE), puts the icing on the cake by winning 1° National Bourges by the 12.608 yearlings!

Is Johan Bleyen the new ‘coming-man’ in the national ‘grand middle distance’? It appears so, as this colony was never out of the news in 2011… and last weekend he crowned his work with national victory from Bourges by the yearlings!


(08/07/2011) Johan Bleyen (Lommel, BE) stunts again with 1° Prov Argenton Yearlings.

After Johan Bleyen had already won 2 x 1° Nat Zone C Bourges, and 2° Nat La Châtre o.b. earlier in the season, he now won from Argenton 1 + 4 provincial with the same 2 yearlings which previously won 4th + 13th National Bourges!