Informacja o hodowcy Bellen Louis


(15/01/2015) PIPA ranking: Best yearling from Bourges (2013-2014) – 3 prizes

This PIPA ranking shows us which are the best yearlings from Bourges with 3 prizes. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Bourges II 2013, Bourges I 2014 and Bourges II 2014 were used for the calculation of ranking.


(06/08/2011) Louis Bellen (Loksbergen, BE) wins the top classic of the year from Bourges against 31.641 youngsters!

With Louis Bellen a small, but strong fancier has won the nicest national classic of the year in the long distance for youngsters… namely the Bourges II. Isn’t it this that makes our pigeon sport so nice?