Informacja o hodowcy Alpdag Brothers


(04/11/2019) Auctions raise 280,000 EURO in total – Norbert Ally has average of almost 2,000 euro for 24 young birds

7 different auctions ended last Sunday, raising a total of 281,000 euro for 185 pigeons. We briefly discuss each auction below.


(23/10/2019) New auction: Alpdag Brothers (TR)

On Wednesday Oktober 23th, a new auction of Alpadg Brothers will start. This auction ends on Sunday November 3th.


(18/06/2019) Last but one auction weekend raises 411,000 euro - Mike Ganus gets record average sale price of 8,200 euro per youngster

The last but one auction weekend of the season came to a close last Sunday 16th of June. Next week we have our Season Finale, an apotheosis after what turned out to be PIPA's best auction season ever. And our Season Finale is promising to be quite a special event.


(03/12/2018) Auction weekend closes with 460,000 euro – Batenburg-Van de Merwe 3,915 euro/pigeon - Jan Hooymans 3,225 euro/pigeon

8 different auctions closed last Sunday, raising 461,625 euro in total for 161 pigeons, with an average of 2,867 euro/pigeon.