Informacja o hodowcy Allemeersch André


(09/08/2018) Top performances Belgium 04/08/2018 - 05/08/2018

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 04/08/2018 and 05/08/2018.


(26/09/2013) André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE) realized an impressive result from Guéret !

'The Guéret show': this could have been the title of a tv show if the arrival from Guéret had been filmed at André Allemeersch. The citizen from Pottes realized one of the most impressive arrivals of the season!


(11/02/2013) André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE): Star of the longer middle distance with a zonal victory in 2012!

Year in, year out, André is one of the best pigeon fancier in the country when it's about racing the longer middle distance competitions. That's why he makes sure to win several top prizes in large amount of pigeons each year.


(11/04/2012) André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE), or how to lose a National Ace Pigeon KBDB title

If André still had hair on his head, no doubt that he would pull them out ! This fancier, born in Flanders but living in Wallonia, just deprived himself of a national title of Ace pigeon KBDB, no more no less!


(05/09/2011) André Allemeersch true showman in the national classics for youngsters... thanks to the line of his 'Supercrack' !

One month ago, we already made up a balance of the first part of the season fwith the old pigeons. After having some trouble with the form at the begining of the season, André was rewarded for his efforts and his old team won a top result from La Châtre.