Informacja o hodowcy Fauche Jean-Louis


(10/05/2017) The Fauche colony (Warêt l'évêque, BE): one of the most historically valuable lofts in pigeon racing in Belgium

With their 4th national victory of their career in last year's race from Narbonne, the Fauche loft became a reference in terms of national victories in Belgium, and this is mostly thanks to a breed of exceptional pigeons, that has been winning prestigious victories for more than 20 years.

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(25/07/2016) Narbonne (int.) 2016 | National winner Belgium old birds: Fauche Frères (Héron)

The National winner Belgium from Narbonne in the category "old birds" is Fauche Frères (Héron)., achieving an average velocity of 1059.94 m/min.


(19/03/2013) Jean-Louis Fauche (Waret l'évêque, BE): 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2012!

A second place which put back this famous Belgian loft under the spotlight of the national scene, a right reward as they already knew it so many times in the past!