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(27/01/2016) Kees van Aert (Achtmaal, NL) is a long distance champion with a small basket

In modern day pigeon racing the name of Kees van Aert stands for a kind fancier who has achieved impressive results in the marathon races in recent seasons, with a small team of racing birds.


(02/08/2012) Kees van Aert (Achtmaal, NL) winner of National Narbonne The Netherlands

Kees van Aerts had a deja vu experience. He took the national win from Perpignan back in 1991 and about 20 years later he strikes again! It was a magnificent win for his top class pigeon 10-378.

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(30/07/2012) Narbonne (int.) 2012 | National winner The Netherlands All: van Aert Kees (Achtmaal)

Kees van Aert from Achtmaal wins Narbonne National in the Netherlands. The pigeon achieved an average velocity of 1275.12 mpm (distance: 931.367 km).