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(19/09/2017) Top performances Belgium 16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 16/09/2017 and 17/09/2017.


(19/06/2015) Michel and Gunther Eyletten (Diest, BE) claim national first prize Gueret yearlings against 16,248 pigeons

Father and son Eyletten win the national first prize from Gueret in the yearlings’ category against 16,248 pigeons. Their first prize winner was also the second fastest of a total of 28,781 pigeons.

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(13/06/2015) Guéret 2015 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Eyletten M&G (Diest)

The national winner Belgium from Guéret in the category "yearlings" is Eyletten M&G (Diest).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:41:29 CEST after a race of 585.005 km, achieving an average velocity of 1457.11 m/min.


(14/05/2014) Top performances Belgium 10/05/2014 - 11/05/2014

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 10/05/2014 and 11/05/2014.


(12/07/2012) Top performances Belgium 06/07/2012 - 11/07/2012 - Regional races

It looks more and more as if this season we’ll have exactly the same weather as last season, which is not good at all. Race courses are being hindered by showers and liberations are being delayed. Despite all of this, we have new top performers each week.