Informacja o hodowcy Baleau Jean-Jacques


(28/06/2013) Jean-Jacques Baleau (Moignelée, BE) has begun the 2013 season like he finished 2012!

'On the wheels': it is how Jean-Jacques begun his season. Being on the half of the season, it's time to check the first balance.


(12/02/2012) Jean-Jacques Baleau (Moignelée, BE) - 1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB '11 !

For more than 3 months now, the PiPa reporters have driven accross the whole of the country to present you, each week, with a report about one of our national champions KBDB. The report over the colony of Jean-Jacques Baleau will be one of the last this year...


(06/03/2010) Baleau Jean Jacques - Moignelée (BE) 3th national champion RFCB Short distance 2009

After a few trip in the Namur area (let's say 'Namurois'), going to Sombreffe and Mettet, respectively for the associations Thibaut-Boons and Molle-Fallay, i added the next step to it with paying a visit to Jean Jacques Baleau from Moignelée, who had an awesome racing season in 2009, particulary with the youngsters.