Informacja o hodowcy Dekens Wilson


(10/08/2018) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins 1st Nat. Tulle Old birds with none other on the finish photo

The national Tulle became a super-fast edition with a small amount of pigons to surpass the 1.600 m/min. Still the results delivered one clear winner: De Vooruitvlieger of Wilson Dekens. He flew its nearest competitors to pieces and clocked off with a lead of almost 75 m/min.

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(29/07/2018) Tulle 2018 | National winner Belgium old birds: Dekens Wilson (Zingem)

The National winner Belgium from Tulle in the category "old birds" is Dekens Wilson (Zingem). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 13:31:11 CEST after a race of 612.143 km, achieving an average velocity of 1694.83 m/min.


(16/10/2015) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) achieves great results with the invaluable Jordy bloodline

Jordy won the title of 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2008, and he became the grandfather of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB, 2012, the 1st Nat. Limoges 2014, and several more long distance champions. His bloodline is a recipe for success!


(04/06/2014) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins 1st national Limoges with a grandson of Jordy!

Limoges, the first national long distance race of the season, was quite a challenging one. It was a tough but honest race, thanks to the bright summer weather and a strong headwind.

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(31/05/2014) Limoges I 2014 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Dekens Wilson (Zingem)

The national winner Belgium from Limoges I in the category "old birds" is Dekens Wilson (Zingem).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 17:34:32 CEST after a race of 626.13 km, achieving an average velocity of 1119.02 m/min.


(26/03/2014) The 'Monti' of Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) follows in the footsteps of New Ace as the new long distance star

Monti of Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) has won a first provincial from Montélimar and a first provincial from Souillac, which makes him one of the big stars in the long distance competition.


(31/07/2013) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins first prov. Souillac with the cock that won a first prov. Montélimar!

Thanks to this victory he is again one of the favourites for the title of National Ace Pigeon Long Distance again with the lowest coefficient in two national races.


(14/06/2013) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) is the proud winner of 1st Provincial and 1st Zone A from Montélimar

The pigeon family of Wilson Dekens had already achieved international acclaim with their title of First National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2012 and last weekend they added another impressive victory to their list of achievements: the provincial victory from Montélimar.


(12/02/2013) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE): from successful sprint race fancier to winner of First National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2012

You can call it a crowning achievement; the icing on the cake. This is the undisputed highlight of a successful pigeon fancier’s career. Wilson used to win sprint races, now he excels in the long and the extreme distance!


(19/09/2012) Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) likely to become winner of the 1st Nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2012 with his New Ace

It has not been confirmed yet but all calculations and prognoses indicate that Wilson Dekens is in pole position to win the title of 1st National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2012!


(04/09/2012) PIPA rankings 2012: Best Belgian old bird over all one-day long distance races

The best old birds from Belgium over all one-day long distance races of 2012 belong to Erik Limbourg from Brussegem (5 prizes), Gino Clicque from Wevelgem (4 prizes) and Wilson Dekens from Zingem (3 prizes). The ranking is based on the national and zonal results per 20.