Informacja o hodowcy Colbrandt André


(16/02/2012) 39 pigeons stolen from André Colbrandt (Bottelare, BE) - update: André would like to thank everyone for their support

During the night between Saturday the 11th of February and Sunday the 12th of February a total of 39 pigeons were stolen from the lofts of André Colbrandt. It was largely yearlings 2011 for own use.


(12/04/2011) Andre Colbrandt, Bottelare (BE): winner 1° National Ace bird ‘Super Grand Distance’ KBDB 2010

The least we can say about Andre Colbrandt is that he has done well over the last few seasons, crowned with titles so as 1° National Champion Grand distance KBDB ’08, and now 1° National Ace bird ‘Super Grand distance’ KBDB 2010, in addition to national victory from St. Vincent against 10.022 yearlings in 2005!


(11/02/2011) Steve's championships place André Colbrandt at 1 by Ace pigeons Perpignan 2009-2010

Steve Van Overstraeten has supplemented the statistics with the championships Ace pigeons over 2, 3 and 5 years. André Colbrandt won over 2009-2010, Noël Lippens over 3 years and Martin Ravelinghien over the last 5 years.


(10/08/2010) Topkandidat für den Titel 1. nationale Astaube Große Weitstrecke ?

Ist dies die 1. nationale Astaube KDBD Große Weitstrecke 2010 ? Der "Blauwen Tik " von André Colbrandt aus Bottelare !


(16/03/2009) Colbrandt A. - Bottelare

Andre Colbrandt from Bottelare
with a coefficient of just 23% champion
Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2008