Informacja o hodowcy Murez-Marichal


(11/09/2019) PIPA ranking: Best old bird on the Belgian national races - 7 prizes

Final PIPA ranking result 'Best old bird with 7 prizes in the Belgian national races' after the races from Vierzon, Bourges I, Châteauroux I, Argenton I, Montluçon, Issoudun, Bourges II, Châteauroux II, Argenton II, Châteauroux III. The available national, zonal and provincial results were taken into account for this ranking.


(11/12/2017) Albert Murez-Marichal (Wadelincourt, BE) is crowned as 1st National Champion middle distance KBDB 2017

Over the last few years, it became usual to find Albert Murez-Marichal on the podium of one or several national championships of the KBDB. After he added the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon small middle distance yearlings KBDB to his name in 2016, he continued his success thanks to his recent title of 1st National Champion middle distance KBDB 2017.


(10/01/2017) A title of national ace pigeon KBDB for Albert Murez-Marichal (Wadelincourt, BE)!

It is one of the most titled loft from Belgium and everybody knew it was only a question of time before Albert Murez added another prestigious line to his name. But nobody knew if it would be a title of national champion or a second national victory. Now, the job is done!


(10/11/2015) Albert Murez-Marichal (Wadelincourt, BE) continue to progress thanks to the line of his Bourges!

This wallonia based loft was one of the very best lofts of the racing season 2015 and he even came close to a national victory from Châteauroux!


(30/07/2010) Murez-Marichal - Wadelincourt (BE) triumph from Bourges old birds!

The third national winner of the weekend from Bourges was to be found, in what we in pigeon terms describe as… the shortest distance… at a stone’s throw from the French-Belgian border.