Informacja o hodowcy Berends Bert


(06/07/2012) Bert Berends (Nieuw-Weerdinge, NL) winner of 1st Orleans against 11,670 pigeons

It is almost impossible to overlook the name of Bert Berends in the national results from Orleans. His strong team consists of 10 widowers that have achieved an excellent performance here. This is a great season for this fancier from Nieuw-Weerdinge.


(09/02/2012) Bert Berends (Nieuw-Weerdinge, NL) had a top season once again

It was bingo again in Nieuw-Weerdinge in 2011. Bert Berends, who owns a magnificent loft of pigeons, raced the roof off last year, raced the stars from the skies, and can count himself one of the champions of the strong province 10.