Informacja o hodowcy De Poorter Martin


(27/12/2012) Martin de Poorter from Zeeland (Sluis, NL) takes the challenge!

Martin de Poorter from Sluis in Zeeland is undoubtedly a great champion! When he sold all of his old birds from 2009 and before (except for the youngsters) in 2010 we wondered how long it would take him to win top prizes again. 2012 was the first season at a new location and it proved a very successful year!


(21/07/2012) Martin De Poorter (Sluis, NL) winner of national St.Vincent for The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, the national from St. Vincent 2012 was won by the 34 year old fancier from Zeeland. Martin is not an unknown fancier: he is six times winner of district races in all disciplines, except for the ZLU/overnight race. This is yet another success for the accomplished fancier Martin De Poorter from Sluis.

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(16/07/2012) St. Vincent (int.) 2012 | National winner The Netherlands Old birds: De Poorter Martin (Sluis)

Martin De Poorter from Sluis wins St.-Vincent National in the Netherlands. His pigeon returned home at 17:53 CEST after a race of 920,848 km. It obtained an average speed of 1409,57 mpm. The winner comes from Piet Blancke (Tielt, BE) and is a 100% Desaer. Two weeks ago the same pigeon won the 76th National Bordeaux Yearlings in the Netherlands.


(06/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 01/06/2012 - 05/06/2012

The first Saturday of June 2012 will be known for its terrific flying weather. The sky above France was painted blue, there were only a few clouds hanging high above Belgian soil early that morning, after which Belgium had good weather and lots of sunshine. The wind came blowing from the east-northeast.