Informacja o hodowcy De Keyzer Norbert


(28/02/2014) Norbert De Keyzer (Maarkedal, BE) continues to excel at the long and extreme long distance

You cannot win a Golden or Silver Wing from Barcelona without a high quality pigeon breed. Norbert has been a household name at the long distance and the extreme long distance for many years and we think most insiders will be not be surprised to see Nobert win this title.


(01/11/2012) Norbert De Keyzer (Etikhove-Maarkedal, BE) and his heavy duty pigeons

When pigeons are really put to the test, when the races are getting more demanding and there are longer distances to cover there is one name that always comes to the fore: Norbert De Keyzer!


(29/07/2008) Dekeyzer Norbert Etikhove

4247 163 / 03 "De Narbonne" Aftsamming : Vader : Kruising G; Vandenabeele (Wittenbuik) X Coutteau (Nieuwpoort) + Stichelbaut