Informacja o hodowcy Sauvage-Duran


(14/03/2016) The combination Sauvage-Duran (Bornival, BE) is the new All-Round sensation from Belgium!

This recent partnership(formed in 2007) quickly reached the top level of the Belgian pigeon sport. The season 2015 has been marked by the choice to focus almost exclusively on the long distance races and they both experienced the joy of achieving their first national top 10 positions, which didn't stop them also winning some spectacular performances in the shorter middle distance races where ...


(23/09/2015) The combination Sauvage-Duran (Bornival, BE) showed their worth at racing all distances!

It is one of the best racing loft of the south of Belgium for many years. This year again, the partnership of Sauvage-Duran was one of the best ones and they achieved some astonishing results during the season.


(12/01/2014) The combination Sauvage-Duran (Bornival, BE) crowned as National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2013!

We were already talking about this loft in july: they were achieving an ex-plo-si-ve season in 2013. There was no surprise when the national championships were released: this combination climbed on the highest rung of the podium in one of the most renowmed championship of the belgian pigeon sport!