Informacja o hodowcy Dusausoit Dany


(01/03/2014) The pigeon loft of Dany Dusausoit (Beloeil, BE) is home to Floor, one of the best racing hens of Belgium!

During the 2013 season, Dany confirmed his reputation as one of the best middle distance specialists from Belgium, thanks to a zonal victory and a title of Ace Pigeon Yearlings at the prestigious LCB championships! Time to pay him a visit.


(22/06/2013) Dany Dusausoit (Beloeil, BE) honoured his reputation at the beginning of the 2013 season!

Two national races: our friend Dany only needed two weeks to show the entire world he was one of the best racers from Belgium on the longer middle distance races. Winning the zonal victory from Bourges, followed with a 2nd zonal from Châteauroux the next week, Dany proved to everybody that his racing team was in great shape at this moment! Pigeon sport at its best!


(13/06/2011) Dany Dusausoit, Beloeil won the 1st national Châteauroux yearlings from 24.769 pigeons

Two national victories in two years, three zone victories in three years : this is the balance of the colony Dusausoit over the last few years.


(25/09/2009) Dusausoit Dany - Beloeil (BE) 1st national Argenton II, 23.921 youngsters.

Two weeks after Bourges and its 37.357 youngsters, Argenton followed on the national schedule, being the second national race for the youngsters. There were 23.921 taking part to the race.