Informacja o hodowcy Vantorre Remy


(17/07/2015) Remy Vantorre (Virelles, BE) wins 1st national Brive against 8,673 old birds!

His national winner was also the quickest of 17,722 pigeons basketed for Brive. It is the second national victory for this fancier after his victory from Tarbes in 2011.

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(11/07/2015) Brive 2015 | National winner Belgium old birds: Vantorre Remy (Virellles)

The National winner Belgium from Brive in the category "old birds" is Vantorre Remy (Virellles). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:17:08 CEST after a race of 582.891 km, achieving an average velocity of 1318.36 m/min.


(15/10/2011) Preliminary result Euro Diamond known

Remy Vantorre from Virelles wins the Euro Diamond championship this year. Germain D'Hondt from Anzegem is second, Willy Verbruggen from Londerzeel ended third.


(16/10/2010) The exceptionally classy “Orange” : 05-3201701 from Remy Vantorre - Virelles (BE) proclaimed 1st Acebird Rhône-valley 2009-2010.

To come straight to the point, we can say that the award listed in the title for the period ’09 -’10 was rightly given to an exceptionally god long distance pigeon.


(30/09/2010) Beste Taube der Rhône Flüge 2009 - 2010

Vantorre Remy aus Virelles hat die beste Taube auf den Rhone Flügen 2009 - 2010 !