Informacja o hodowcy Vercammen Marcel & Gunter


(09/08/2018) Top performances Belgium 04/08/2018 - 05/08/2018

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 04/08/2018 and 05/08/2018.


(22/06/2012) Marcel & Gunter Vercammen (Vremde, BE) 1° Nat. Montluçon 22,672 yearlings and fastest of 40,104 pigeons

It was a narrow win with a margin of just over three seconds, but Marcel and Gunter Vercammen have finally won a national victory with yearlings from Montluçon. Their winning pigeon was actually the fastest of the 40,104 competing pigeons!

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(17/06/2012) Montluçon 2012 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Vercammen Marcel & Gunter (Vremde)

Marcel & Gunter Vercammen from Vremde win the national race from Montluçon 2012 in the category yearlings. Their pigeon rushed home at an average velocity of 1470.66 m/min, the highest velocity of all pigeons (old birds and yearlings).


(06/08/2009) Theft by Marcel and Gunter Vercammen - Vremde

After being quiet for a while, the peace has apparantely been disturbed, a pigeon theft occured last night. The victim is the duo Vercammen Marcel and Gunter from Vremde.


(29/06/2008) Vercammen M. &G. Vremde.

Marne van 14/6 Jaarse 710 d. : 2,3,12,58,70,79,93,150,en 8/9 (maakt 5 per tiental enz.)