Informacja o hodowcy Buysse Placied


(23/08/2016) Top performances Belgium 20/08/2016 - 21/08/2016

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 20/08/2016 and 21/08/2016.


(24/07/2013) Top performances Belgium 20/07/2013 - 21/07/2013

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 20/07/2013 and 21/07/2013.


(17/08/2012) Top performances Belgium 11/08/2012 - 14/08/2012

Under a clear blue sky, and a moderate wind from mostly the East to sometimes Northeast we got great flying conditions during the weekend of August 11-12. Pigeons hardly reached speeds of 1200 m/min. Ideal conditions for the best of the best to stand out once again.


(08/08/2012) Top performances Belgium 04/08/2012 - 05/08/2012

When August appears on the calender we know the racing season’s end is upon us. The weather was just fine, with nice clear blue skies and back wind. The following fanciers achieved top performances:


(01/08/2012) Top performances Belgium 28/07/2012 - 29/07/2012

On Saturday a clear sky appeared at noon, allowing some races to go on. Others needed to be postponed until Sunday. Sunday was terrific flying weather, and all flights ran a smooth course. This resulted in the following top performances.


(28/03/2008) Buysse Placied, "One of the very best sprinters for years in a row in the West Flanders province!"

In 2007 : including 7 x 1st……and…… top prizes on a conveyor belt including also ……