Informacja o hodowcy Van Gaver Tom


(16/03/2020) Sangers Pigeons (NL): 56,300 euro for 21 young birds, Tom van Gaver (BE) 2,455 euro/bird, Jutla Brothers (UK) 2,225 euro/bird

Despite the world being heavily impacted by the coronavirus, the following fanciers can look back on a successful pigeon auction: Kas & Karel Meijers (NL), Ivan Baetens (BE), Roger Mylle (BE), Jutla Brothers (UK), Sangers pigeons (NL), Tom Van Gaver (BE), Francis Franssen (BE) & Kristof Mortelmans (BE).


(22/12/2019) Auctions end at 665,000 EURO - Rudy van Reeth 4,788 EURO / pigeon - Jan Hooymans 5,100 EURO / pigeon

The auction season at PIPA runs from mid-August to the end of June. Week in, week out, exceptional auction results are achieved, 40 weeks in a year. The auction weekends ended on average at more than 500,000 EURO in recent weeks. Last week the total was 667,000 EURO, this weekend 665,400 EURO. Below a report per auction.


(17/07/2019) Top performances Belgium 13/07/2019 - 14/07/2019

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 13/07/2019 and 14/07/2019.


(25/03/2019) Auction day ends with 344,000 euro - youngster of Jelle Jellema's Kleine Jade sold for 20,500 euro

A total of 170 pigeons were sold across 9 different auctions last Sunday, for a total of 344,900 euro or more than 2,000 euro/bird.