Informacja o hodowcy Caro Marcel & Zn


(20/03/2014) The loft of the Caro Bros from Lambermont (Verviers) is one of the best Belgian long distance lofts

When you talk about the best Belgian long distance loft, everybody has the same names in mind! And if you follow the long distance races of the last 10 years, one name would have probably come often to your mind.


(25/07/2013) The loft of widow Caro Marcel (Lambermont, BE) smashes everything in its way!

The extreme east of Belgium has in her ranks a top loft which has been racing at the highest level for the last five years. In 2013, they are smashing everything in their way!


(16/03/2009) Caro & Zn - Lambermont

Marcel CARO & Zonen, Lambermont-Verviers
Win 1° Nat Souillac 7.312 pigeons!
And are directly sitting in 'pole position' for the
1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008!