Informacja o hodowcy Ballmann Dieter

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(26/06/2016) Montélimar 2016 | National winner Belgium old birds: Ballmann Dieter (Amel)

The National winner Belgium from Montélimar in the category "old birds" is Ballmann Dieter (Amel). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 16:08:31 CEST after a race of 653.21 km, achieving an average velocity of 1159.17 m/min.


(28/02/2013) Dieter Ballmann (Amel, BE): The Champ, 1st European Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2011-2012!

Barcelona, the most important race of the international calendar, brings each year an important number of afficionados. If the ultimate goal is to win a prize at the national or international level, others tries to classify their best pigeons ahead of the result to try to make them ace pigeons in this mythic race. These pigeons, you can consider them as the hardest pigeons on earth.


(28/02/2012) Dieter Ballmann (Amel, BE) into the top 10 of the extreme long distance loft of Europe !

For the last decade the Ballmann colony has been a flag-bearer of the pigeon sport in Wallonia. In 2011, Dieter performed brillantly again with no less than 4x into the top 10 national of the long distance happenings !


(26/10/2009) Dieter Ballmann (Amel, BE) - Winner PIPA IATP Five year classification 2005-2009

Dieter Ballmann from Amel (Amblève) is this year the winner of the PIPA IATP classification over the last 5 years.