Informacja o hodowcy Dubois Michel


(11/07/2019) Michel Dubois (Maisnil-Dohem, FR) astonishing once again in Agen!

Exactly one week after his one man show on Pau, Michel Dubois made the ultimate trick while booking the internatonal victory on Agen against 10.657 yearlings.

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(30/06/2019) Agen (int.) 2019 | International winner yearlings: Dubois Michel (Dohem, France)

The International winner from Agen in the category "yearlings" is Dubois Michel (Dohem, France)., achieving an average velocity of 860.04 m/min.


(27/06/2019) Astonishing performance on Pau for Michel Dubois (Mainil-Dohem, FR) with the French national victory at the end of the day!

Another well known name from the international pigeon scene that just added its name to the list of national winners from the opening classic of the international calendar, Pau. Michel Dubois won 1th national Pau in France.

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(26/06/2019) Pau (int.) 2019 | National winner France old birds: Dubois Michel (Dohem)

The National winner France from Pau in the category "old birds" is Dubois Michel (Dohem). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 21:15:49 CEST after a race of 834.497 km, achieving an average velocity of 1068.75 m/min.


(29/10/2018) Michel Dubois (Dohem, FR) wins the title of 1st European Ace Pigeon 2018 (Colombe Joyeuse)!

Remember you in 2015 when Michel Dubois just booked the title of best european marathon pigeon thanks to his 'Invictus'. Three years later, he just achieved the same performance as he will certainly won the title of 1st European Ace Pigeon extreme long distance, a ranking that has still to be released by ''La Colombe Joyeuse''.


(20/01/2016) Michel Dubois (Maisnil, France) is the breeder of the best European extreme long distance pigeon

With three exceptionnal early prizes won from the international races in 2015, Invictus is by far the best extreme long distance pigeon which raced in Europe last year. He is following in the steps of the Vandersmissen from Gery Etuin and even of the legendary Super Ben from Robert Ben.