Informacja o hodowcy Huijsmans Maarten


(07/06/2019) Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) is shaking things up in the 2019 season

Maarten Huijsmans is once again very hard to beat in the sprint and the middle distance, his favourite two competitions. It is worth noting that his fantastic (breeding) hen Doutzen plays a prominent role in this team.


(25/03/2019) Auction day ends with 344,000 euro - youngster of Jelle Jellema's Kleine Jade sold for 20,500 euro

A total of 170 pigeons were sold across 9 different auctions last Sunday, for a total of 344,900 euro or more than 2,000 euro/bird.


(19/03/2019) Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) develops into a world class player and was again outstanding in 2018!

Maarten Huijsmans is, despite his young age, already a phenomenon at his favorite distances, the sprint and middle distance. In both disciplines he has managed to distinguish himself in a wonderful way at national level.


(15/02/2018) Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) pushes boundaries as middle distance champion

Has any fancier been more successful in the middle distance in The Netherlands and Belgium over the past three years? Maarten Huijsmans has continued to excel in his favourite competition, now taking home a gold and two silver medals in the national championships. His faithful old Miss Universe has really dominated the competition in The Netherlands lately.