Informacja o hodowcy Fanger Frans & Hannie


(31/07/2014) Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL) win NPO race Sens with top class hen Kim-Liane

NL12-5205337 Kim-Liane took another national victory in district 6 of North Holland in last weekend's race from Sens, after having already won a national first prize from Chateauroux 2013.


(17/04/2014) Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL) are exquisite racers at national level

The two brothers Frans and Hannie Fanger have become successful fanciers at national level in recent years and they have continued to excel in the national races even after they sold their best racing pigeons in early 2013. Their consistent level of performance illustrates the skills of the two brothers.


(07/08/2013) Top performances The Netherlands 03/08/2013 - 04/08/2013

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 03/08/2013 and 04/08/2013.


(16/07/2013) Top performances The Netherlands 13/07/2013 - 14/07/2013

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 13/07/2013 and 14/07/2013.


(24/02/2013) Top class duo Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL): pigeons of excellent quality

They have been the men to beat in their region and province and in the national championships since 2008. This season they had international success as well: their pigeon ‘Miss Romy’ was sent to the Olympiad in Nitra. Their loft is not very big but it houses a pigeon breed of impressive quality.


(10/02/2012) Gebr. Fanger (Badhoevedorp, NL) Strong together...Very strong!

For the last few years the Fanger brothers were able to call themselves the terrors of the region Amsterdam and they have excelled in the NPO races. With numerous national top notations and titles, they belong to the better racers of our country.